Life Update! Your Dog Will Love These Pet-Friendly Events in St. Augustine

Life Update! Your Dog Will Love These Pet-Friendly Events in St. Augustine

Life Update:

Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you well. I’m writing to you today to give you a life update and talk about all the exciting things that are happening in my life right now.

As you may know, we recently got a new puppy! His name is Dude, and he’s a red retriever. He’s the cutest little thing, and he’s already brought so much joy into my family’s lives.

But having a puppy is also a lot of work! He needs to be walked multiple times a day, he needs to be fed and groomed, played with, and he needs to be trained. And of course, he’s always getting into trouble!

Balancing Work/Life/Puppy:

Balancing work and a new puppy can be challenging, but it’s definitely doable. Here are a few tips that have helped me:

  • Set aside time each day for your puppy. This could be a walk, playtime, or just some cuddle time. It’s important to make sure your puppy gets enough attention and exercise, even if you’re busy.
  • Be patient. It takes time for puppies to learn how to behave. Don’t get discouraged if they make mistakes. Just keep training them, and eventually they’ll get it.
  • Ask for help. If you’re struggling to balance everything, don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends, family, or a pet sitter. (My partner and I find that taking turns getting up early with the puppy and letting the other sleep in is the GREATEST idea ever)

I’m so glad we decided to get Dude. He has been such a blessing to our family already, and my camera roll is now filled with homes AND a cute puppy lol.

Pet-Friendly Events:

In other news, I’m really excited for all the events spring has to offer. I’m looking forward to us going on walks with Dude in the park, having picnics in the backyard, and taking him to the beach.

I’m also excited for all the pet-friendly events happening in St. Augustine this spring. Here are a few:

  • May 6: 4th Annual STA Brewers’ Fest at the Fountain of Youth.
  • May 12-13: Masters of Fire & Ice to feature the area’s top chefs, bartenders and pitmasters for Epic-Cure benefit at Asadolife.
  • May 27: Marina Munch to celebrate 3rd Anniversary and Grand Opening of Marina Cantina at English Landing Marina.
  • June 3-4: St. Augustine Celtic Music Festival at Francis Field.
  • June 10: St. Augustine Food Truck Throwdown at Francis Field.
  • June 17-18: St. Augustine Blue Crab Festival at Francis Field.

I hope to see you and your furry friends at one of these events!


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